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Rune-Magic & Rune-Oracle | For beginners and advanced users
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Runes are much more than characters. They are ancient symbols of power, which have been used for magical purposes for thousands of years and in which an amazing secret doctrine is hidden. This book provides a practical, in-depth knowledge of the runes, their magical uses in everyday life, and the practice of the rune oracle. It enables the reader to immediately integrate the ancient magic signs of our ancestors into everyday life and to use the power of the runes magically for themselves. At the same time, it functions as a practical reference book and is unique in its diversity in this form so far.

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ISBN 9783347674004
Sprache Englisch
Erscheinungsdatum 22.06.2022
Umfang 180 Seiten
Genre Ratgeber/Spiritualität
Format Hardcover
Verlag tredition
Sonstige Mitwirkung Pia Andrea Hänigsen
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