Technological Innovation, Competitiveness, and Economic Growth.

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Inhalt: O. Clauser / P. Kalmbach / G. Pegoretti / L. Segnana, Introduction - L. Scholz, Technological Innovation in Industry: Conception and Results of Innovation Surveys - W. Goldmann, Research and Development in Austria in an International Comparison - K. Hornschild, The Role of Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises in the Framework of Technology Conditioned Structural Changes - R. Paci, Technological Innovation and International Competitiveness: The Cases of Germany and Italy - P. Bianchi, Theory of the Firm, Innovative Processes and Institutional Change - W. Clement, Pattern Detection in Innovation Research - P. Pini, Macroeconomic Analysis of the Employment Effects of Technological Change: An Evaluation of the Links Between Theoretical Framework and Empirical Models - P. Kalmbach, The Impact of New Technologies on Employment: The State of the Art and Perspectives for Research - R. Leoni, Quantitative and Qualitative Effects of Technological Innovations: Issues, Empirical Evidence and Implications - P. Piacentini, Capacity and Employment: Macroeconomic Implications of the Variability of the Age Structure of the Capital Stock - L. Uhlmann, Technical Innovation and the Labour Market - F. Targetti / A. Foti, Growth and Technical Progress: Convergence or Divergence among Countries - G. Clemenz, International R&D Competition in Cournot Oligopolies - F. Pigliaru / L. Segnana, Spillovers, Localized Learning and Comparative Advantage - G. Antonelli / G. Pegoretti, Technological Change, Technological Systems, Factors of Production - B. Böhm / L. F. Punzo, Detecting Structural Change: A Scheme for the Comparison of Austria and Italy in the Seventies and Eigthies - O. Clauser / G. Gios / R. Raffaelli, Innovations Constrained by Scarce Resources

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ReiheVolkswirtschaftliche Schriften
ISBN 9783428076277
Erscheinungsdatum 03.03.1993
Umfang 383 Seiten
Genre Wirtschaft/Volkswirtschaft
Format Taschenbuch
Verlag Duncker & Humblot
Herausgegeben von Onorio Clauser, Peter Kalmbach, Giovanni Pegoretti, Luisa Segnana
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