Interculturality, Rationality and Dialogue

In Search for Intercultural Argumentative Criteria for Latin America
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This work is a philosophical investigation into the argumentative conditions for intercultural dialogue in Latin America. Through a critical discussion of some key theories of argumentation and intercultural dialogue and a thoughtful analysis of the Latin-American context of diversity, this book develops an intercultural model of argumentation based on the criteria of Intercultural Reasonableness and Discursive Interpellation. These criteria, which have a contextual and dialogical character, aim to offer the appropriate normative ground for a polylogical argumentative dialogue, in which the parties can make use of their own types of language and rationality without presupposing a common standard for the rational evaluation of arguments.

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ReiheReligion in der Moderne
ISBN 9783429034610
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Erscheinungsdatum 22.03.2012
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Genre Religion, Theologie/Allgemeines, Lexika
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