Index Hepaticarum / Racemigemma to Zoopsis

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The nine first volumes of the INDEX HEPATICARUM (A - Leujeunea + Plagiochila) were compiled by Dr. C.E.B. Bonner, two of which were edited by H. Bischler + D. Lamy after Dr. Bonner's death on Aug. 9, 1976. Dr. Bonner's work was mainly based on Stephani's SPECIES HEPATICARUM and bryologists owe him deep gratitude for having embarked on such a gigantic task on his own. In view of the primary importance of this Index, the International Association of Bryologists took over the patronage of its completion. The INDEX HEPATICARUM is an index of effectively published epithets. Generic names without validly published epithets are not recorded in the Index.

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ISBN 9783443730031
Erscheinungsdatum 01.01.1990
Umfang 338 Seiten
Genre Biologie/Botanik
Format Hardcover
Verlag Borntraeger
Herausgegeben von Patricia Geissler, Hélène Bischler