Sedimentary Petrology / Sediments and Sedimentary Rocks 1

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A geologist concerned with sedimentary rocks must first master the methods of field and laboratory investigation. Then, while accumulating his own observations, he becomes interested in the work and interpretation of other investigators, and finally, in a synthesis of our present knowledge about sedimentary rocks. He will want to know, how sediments presently form and what this tells us about old sediments; and he will have to concern himself with diagenesis, the agent which destroys primary structures and porosity, but which also forms or modifies economically important deposits. He is now in a position to synthesize this information and to justify those extrapolations, generalizations and speculations which provide the working theories for purposes of applied geology and for further research. In doing so, he becomes more and more interested in a quantitative understanding of the laws and forces behind geology. This book is part of a three-part textbook on sedimentary petrology, which tries to provide graduate students, applied, teaching and research geologists with the necessary background for the three steps of investigation mentioned above. It was the intention to present a condensed synopsis of composition, fabric, sedimentary structures, origin, and diagenesis of sedimentary rocks. The first chapter is a short review of the processes of formation of sedimentary rocks. It includes general ideas concerning compaction and sedimentary balance. The last chapter deals with cyclic processes and their manifestation in sedimentary sequences. "Authors' index" and "references" were combined. Emphasis was placed upon more recent references which will also allow the reader to find his way back to important older work.

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