Hope as Atmosphere

An Existential-phenomenological and Inter-cultural Study into the Phenomenon of Hope
von Xu Wang
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In this thesis, the phenomenon of fundamental hope is understood as atmosphere.
As a metaphor, hope as atmosphere finds a new expression of hope other than the light-metaphor that dominates the discourse of hope. Hope is not only the light that illuminates the dark moments of life, but also, more fundamentally, in the air, it lies in the sphere in-between and saturates each life experience and every living moment.
As an existential reality, hope as atmosphere reveals our hopeful way of atmospheric co-existence. Communal love constitutes the ground of this hopeful co-existence, it keeps the hopeful co-existence constantly refreshed and open, guaranteeing more possibilities of hope. On the basis of communal love, hopeful co-existence shows its ontological meaning as a way towards life.
The thesis of hope as atmosphere finds resonance and expression not only in Christian trinitarianly based understanding of hope, but also in the most central doctrine of co-humanity in Confucianism.

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ReiheReligion, Theologie und Naturwissenschaft /Religion, Theology, and Natural Science
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