Electrochemical Energy Conversion and Storage

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An introductory text to electrochemical energy conversion and storage that takes account of current and future energy perspectives.
'Electrochemical Energy Conversion and Storage' fills a gap in the literature by providing a text that contains comprehensive descriptions of the fundamentals and a detailed overview of the real-world, practical applications of electrochemical energy storage and conversion. Written by two noted experts on the topic, the book explores both the basics of energy conversion and storage and modes of conversion and storage of electric energy with particular attention to the use of renewable energy sources.
The book is written for both students and professionals and covers a wide range of topics, ranging from thermodynamic, kinetic and electrochemical fundamentals to a complete presentation of all electrochemical systems for energy conversion and storage. The text is filled with illustrations, examples, and descriptions of practical applications that help to understand the material presented.
This important textbook:
? Provides a much-needed introduction to the fundamentals and recent developments in electrochemical energy technology
? Explores the processes and applications of energy conversion and storage
? Provides information on experimental methods
? Has been written by two noted researchers and experienced authors
Written for students in chemistry, materials sciences, and engineering, 'Electrochemical Energy Conversion and Storage' meets the demand for an up-to-date introduction to this important topic.

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ISBN 9783527334315
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Erscheinungsdatum 17.11.2021
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Genre Chemie/Physikalische Chemie
Format Taschenbuch
Verlag Wiley-VCH
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