Thermal Analysis of Polymeric Materials

Methods and Developments
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This book delivers a detailed understanding of the thermal behaviour of the polymeric materials which aid in efficient analysis of polymeric thermal properties. It covers the most widely applied principles which are used in method development to substantiate what happens on heating of polymers and their key application areas in materials science. This book supplies the reader with well-chosen information in the field. The power of thermal analytical techniques in polymer science is demonstrated by reporting recent developments in (i) latest advancement in techniques, such as modulated temperature DSC and Fast Scanning calorimetry, (ii) studying the crucial thermal phenomena glass transition, crystallization behaviour, curing kinetics, and (iii) investigating polymeric materials that have gained interest over the last decade. The book also includes the recent hyphenated techniques and their applications.

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ISBN 9783527347827
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Verlag Wiley-VCH
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