Online Shopping Intentions

Antecedents and Moderators of Shopping Intention Formation in New Fields of E-Commerce
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In this book, the drivers and barriers that motivate or inhibit consumers to participate in e-commerce are investigated, differentiating between the e-commerce subareas of cross-border e-commerce, voice-commerce, conversational-commerce and rental-commerce. This specification is both scientifically and practically relevant, as the different subareas of e-commerce serve different consumer needs and motivations, resulting in a diverse set of antecedents to form consumers' online shopping intentions. Both the respective literature reviews as well as the empirical results of six conducted research studies illustrate the relevance and ubiquity of the four subareas of e-commerce in consumers' everyday online shopping. On the one hand, the results represent an important basis for marketing and consumer research to support a better understanding of the behavioral psychological motives of consumers and better evaluate correlations in shopping behavior. On the other hand, practitioners benefit from the newly gained insights, as online retailers in particular can use them to better adapt their offers to consumer needs and optimize consumers’ online shopping experience.

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