PLC Programming In Instruction List According To IEC 61131-3

A Systematic And Action-Oriented Introduction In Structured Programming
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This textbook and exercise book provides a solid basic knowledge and comprehensive practical skills in dealing with PLC programming. Numerous exercises help to deepen the material. With the accompanying simulation software and sample solutions, the acquired knowledge can be applied immediately. The software can be downloaded via the Internet.
The knowledge of number systems and digital technology conveyed in the book is an important prerequisite for skilful and clever PLC programming. The programming language used, "Instruction list according to IEC 61131-3", provides the best insights into the functioning of a PLC. The didactically prepared programming examples for switching networks, signal memories, time functions, counters, function blocks and functions, program structures, sequence controls, data types and much more enable systematic learning of programming.
The 5th, corrected edition experiences an expansion of the exercises with a didactically prepared project for the control of a mountain railway. The associated simulation software "PLC-lite" enables the realisation of controls for the mountain railway and the "realistic" representation of the cableway movements on the screen.

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