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Audi is fond of telling the anecdote that a pre-production quattro vehicle left all rear-wheel-drive sedans behind on an incline in wintry Austria - with summer tires! In fact, the well-known slogan "Vorsprung durch Technik" has seldom been put into practice as tangibly as with the presentation of permanent all-wheel drive in the Audi quattro, which established this drive variant as one of the first in production vehicle manufacturing. And it was not only on snow-covered mountain passes that the four driven wheels played out their advantages: They were safer and, above all, faster on all kinds of surfaces.
But a look back also reveals other special features of this brand-defining sports coupe: the five-cylinder in-line engine made for a husky voice, the digital displays installed in the interior from 1982 onward gave it a futuristic look, and the angular body design with its distinctive twin headlights had a high recognition factor. Anyone who drove a quattro stood out. This successful package was crowned by the successes of the sports version: Walter Röhrl's victory in the 1984 Monte Carlo Rally and the record-breaking drive in the 1987 Pikes Peak Hillclimb cemented the nimbus of the sporty all-purpose weapon.
Forty years after its unveiling at the 1980 Geneva Motor Show, the quattro now receives its well-deserved tribute in a comprehensive monograph written by a brand connoisseur and fully supported by Audi Tradition.
- the complete chronology of the Urquattro from prototype to final model- all technical data and production figures- numerous, partly unpublished photos from the Audi factory archive

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