Journalism Report V

Innovation and Transition
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How can we understand innovation in journalism systematically? Which new forms of editing and of media organisation, which technologies are driving the change?
The Journalism Report V presents evidence gathered by leading media and journalism scholars from many countries: The Report analyses innovation rankings, newsroom integration, audience engagement, and investigative journalism. Scientific authors enquire into the selfconcept and the responsibilities of professional journalism in an age of social media and discussions about fake news. Experienced practitioners, editors-in-chief and media CEOs describe how they experience and manage this transition on a daily basis.
With contributions by: Peter Bale, Christopher Buschow, Jose A. García-Avilés, Lars R. Jespersen, Andy Kaltenbrunner, Daniela Kraus, Lucy Küng, Alejandro Laso, Jost Lübben, Sonja Luef, Klaus Meier, Edith Michaeler, Nic Newman, Clemens Pig, Florian Reiter, Nevena Ršumovic, Josef Seethaler, Dragan Stavljanin, and Carsten Winter.

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ReiheJournalismus Report
ISBN 9783708915784
Sprache Englisch
Erscheinungsdatum 17.07.2017
Umfang 187 Seiten
Genre Medien, Kommunikation/Journalistik
Format Taschenbuch
Verlag facultas
Herausgegeben von Andy Kaltenbrunner, Matthias Karmasin, Daniela Kraus
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