The Americanization of Swiss Legal Culture

Highlights of Cultural Encounters in an Evolving Transatlantic History of Law
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This anthology on the «Americanization of Swiss Legal Culture» covers highlights of cultural encounters in an evolving transatlantic legal history of law from the time of the formation of the United States until present times of globalization. As a first, it contains 55 representative texts (scholarly legal articles, judgements, government documents, literary excerpts) of significant and at times seminal nature. After an individual «introduction», every «text» is reproduced in full and followed by a «background» as well as a «summary» note, finally complemented with «bibliographical references» and «biographies of authors». This work uses an interdisciplinary and cultural scientific perspective. This anthology is an innovative platform of knowledge and a working tool designed to lead to further research, teaching and interdisciplinary analysis. It aims to contribute to the weaving of a complex tapestry of Swiss-US encounters and exchanges and therefore helps to bring about a new «cultural interoperability» to the development of «interactive law» among the two nations. The author has worked as an international lawyer and academic for more than 40 years with a special focus on the legal and cultural relationships between Switzerland and the United States.

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