Jacopo Strada‘s Magnum Ac Novum Opus

A Sixteenth-Century Numismatic Corpus
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In c. 1550, Jacopo Strada created a 30-volume corpus for Johann Jacob Fugger depicting coins of the Roman Empire from Gaius Julius Caesar to Charles V: the Magnum ac Novum Opus. It contains almost 9,000 coin illustrations. Strada also created an eleven-volume coin catalogue, A. A. A. NumismatΩn Antiquorum ΔΙΑΣΚΕΥΕ which, according to Strada, contains the complementary coin descriptions to the Magnum ac Novum Opus.
In this DFG project, images and texts are combined for the first time to examine the material of these two works in its antiquarian-numismatic and art historical context. For this purpose, Strada’s drawings and descriptions of coins of the Roman emperors from Caesar to Trajan were examined. The results are being entered into the databases of the Census of Antique Works of Art and Architecture Known in the Renaissance (HU Berlin, BBAW) and of Translatio Nummorum (KHI Florence). The research results of this combination of diverse scholarly approaches are published in this volume. They reveal numerous new aspects and perspectives of antiquarian scholarship during the second half of the sixteenth century and thus represent an exceedingly important contribution to the history of antiquarian studies, in particular of early numismatics.

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