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Concentrative Movement Therapy CMT (KBT)
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Concentrative Movement Therapy (CMT)
Konzentrative Bewegungstherapie (KBT)
An evaluated Body Psychotherapy for psychosomatic and psychich disorders
The body is becoming increasingly significant in the concepts of psychotherapy. Body-oriented psychotherapy methods were developed with psychoanalysis, behavioural therapy and systemic theory as their foundation.
Concentrative Movement Therapy (CMT; in German Konzentrative Bewegungstherapie, KBT®) is a body-oriented psychotherapy method which has been tried and tested since 1958 for group and individual therapy based on concepts of developmental psychology and depth psychology.
There are KBT associations in six European countries which are also members of the European Association for Concentrative Movement Therapy (EAKBT). The EAKBT is a member of the European Association for Psychotherapy (EAP), having the status of a European Wide Accrediting Organisation (EWAO) within the EAP.
Concentrative Movement Therapy has a firm place within the treatment offer provided by the health care systems of Germany and Austria, especially in in-patient psychosomatic care.

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Genre Sachbücher/Angewandte Psychologie
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