Fleja the unicorn child, flying with her parents over the new born, recovered planet Earth
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The book "Heaven on Earth" tells the story of the unicorn child Fleja starring as it flies with her parents over the newborn, recovered planet Earth, encountering on her journey some of the great and amazing animals and their families. The meetings with this individual magnificence animals and their families are marked by love and their respective wisdom and insights.
The story shows what a unique gift every single living being for us humans is, and should help to ensure that we meet animals with more respect and Love and perceive as independent souls on their own soul paths. Every living being, each animal brings its unique gifts and talents to the world of these we as people are warmly invited to learn from it or simply participate with joy and benevolence.
The focus is on the way to a healing of the earth and nature, because we are all connected and can only together create "heaven on earth.
The story of heaven on earth - Fleja the unicorn child, flying with her parents over the newborn, recovered planet Earth is a positive contribution with many suggestions how we can restyle life on earth and ultimately secure the existence of the animal kingdom, the nature as well as our own existence as people on earth and together take the necessary steps for a healing.
Andrea Selina

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ISBN 9783732331406
Sprache Englisch
Erscheinungsdatum 07.04.2015
Umfang 64 Seiten
Genre Belletristik/Science Fiction, Fantasy
Format Taschenbuch
Verlag tredition