The Gnostic Bible

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The Gnostic Teachings
There were certain writings which were written, which were left out of the Bible. These are the gnostic scriptures. Books written by archangel Elelath, by Norea daughter of Eve, by Adam, Eve's husband.
The secret word taught to John by God himself, The blasphemy of Philip whose doctrine was not put into the Bible, and others. These doctrines are here to open peoples eyes about the truth and what it is.
Some things are just too powerful for the masses to comprehend. They believe that if its in their holy book that its true and all else is false. But the truth is God has a plan for everyone, and he knew that you would some day pick up this book and read it. This is the Gnostic Bible, read it and be illuminated with the true knowledge. What was once hidden is now a light shining your spirit into enlightenment.

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ISBN 9783732392391
Sprache Englisch
Erscheinungsdatum 31.03.2017
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Genre Philosophie
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