Benjamin - the last will be first

A story about a Christian children and youth club
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Benjamin is the youngest out of 7 children and does not always have an easy time asserting himself against his siblings. He also wants to be taken seriously. Benjamin is very happy when his father takes him with him to the camp to do a night walk. Benjamin is happy and walks beside Carl with his torch in his hand. Carl is one of the taller boys and he is a good example for Benjamin and a lot of other children in the group. A group of wild pigs startle up because of the noises and one of them jumps out from the bushes with her piglets. The group starts panicking and the children run deeper into the forest. Benjamin and Carl are suddenly all on their own in the dark forest. In this awful night full of fear Benjamin learns that there are no last ones and no losers for Jesus.

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ISBN 9783734768996
Erscheinungsdatum 26.02.2015
Umfang 40 Seiten
Genre Kinder- und Jugendbücher/Kinderbücher bis 11 Jahre
Format Taschenbuch
Verlag BoD – Books on Demand
Empf. Lesealter ab 8 bis 12 Jahre
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