Suitability of portable NIR sensors (food-scanners) for the determination of fruit quality along the supply chain using the example of tomatoes

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Food-scanners are novel, portable and miniaturized devices, which operate on the principle of near-infrared spectroscopy (NIRS). According to the manufacturers, these devices are suitable for measuring a wide range of important quality parameters on fresh produce. This research evaluated the suitability of food-scanners for determining fruit quality along the supply chain of fruit and vegetables. Using the qualitative research approach, the first step of this research comprised interviews of experts at different positions along the fresh produce value chain in Germany. Thereby, preferences and concerns regarding the utilization and implementation of this technology for fresh produce were investigated. Based on these findings, non-destructive prediction models for various important quality characteristics and secondary plant constituents were developed using the model fruit tomato. In addition, food-scanner predictions of relevant quality traits on a wide range of produce from the fruit and vegetable assortment were examined. The evaluations showed a high degree of conformity between the results of non-destructive food-scanner predictions and conventional destructive measurement methods. The results illustrate the great potential of these novel devices for the application in everyday practice of fruit quality control along the fresh produce supply chain.

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