The Search for the Rainbow

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The great magic forest should be immediately behind the rainbow …. That is how Grandma started telling the story to her little granddaughter. …. When Lisa follows the rainbow, she encounters fantastic adventures. This is how she gets to know ‘Zampano’, the smartest horse in the entire area, and Bratzi, Brotzi and Brutzi, the funny bear cubs.
Everyone Lisa runs into wants to help her find the magic forest. Along the way she must solve minor puzzles that will advance her a bit further in her search. And then all of a sudden, she stands before a very large door. Does the great magic forest lie behind it?
This book is designed for active participation. It features superb pictures for coloring as well as various small puzzles.

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ISBN 9783739200163
Erscheinungsdatum 23.10.2015
Umfang 40 Seiten
Genre Kinder- und Jugendbücher/Erstlesealter, Vorschulalter
Format Hardcover
Verlag BoD – Books on Demand
Empf. Lesealter ab 5 bis 8 Jahre
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