Harmonica Songbooks / 12 Folk- and Gospelsongs - Book 2

edited for the diatonic harmonica - tablature + audio + video
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Play Folk- and Gospelsongs with the harmonica - FOR ABSOLUTE BEGINNER!
12 well known Folk- and Gospelsongs, edited into an easy way of learning, so everyone can play the first melodie in minutes...
TABLATURE: if you can sing the song you can play it also on the harmonica - using this easy tablature: the channel numbers of the harmonica are placed above the word where the tone should be heard - including informations to "blow" or "draw".
SOUND: in the book you will find a web address where you can find the mp3 sounds to each song. The sounds where recorded in this way: at the left stereo channel you will hear the guitar and the harmonica, on the right stereo channel the guitar only. So its easy to switch between the melody and the pure guitar accompaniment. Plus: a mp3 file with the guitar accompaniment only...
VIDEO: a combination of the tablature and the sound - the channel / tone that should be played will be highlighted at the tabulature, in the same time you hear the tone - similar to "Karaoke" videos.
In the book you will also find a beginners lesson for playing the harmonica.

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