Birds of Geiranger

A different view into the region of Geiranger
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In this handy field-guide, you will find the description of nine different territories inside of the UNESCO-region Geirangerfjorden and which are of great ornithological interest.
The reader gets supplying map-material, information about the time exposure, which is needed to explore the different territories, and the field-guide offers hints about how much the exploration of the field requires from the birdwatcher. You will find birding-recommendations for both, guests which stay just for a few hours, and for guests, which plan to visit the region for several days.
For guests from the British Isles are surely the numerous characteristic fell-species, like Long-tailed Skua (Stercorarius longicaudus), Gyrfalcon (Falco rusticolus) and Red-necked Phalarope (Phalaropus lobatus), of special interest. In this field-guide you will find hints about when and where to find the fell-birds you are interested in.
You have not to ignore the numerous bird-species in the high-structured mixed forests of the region, in the abandoned swamp areas above tree-border or the bird-species, which are so typical for the extensive extensive agriculture. The author invites the reader to look puposeful for birds in the UNESCO-region of Geirangerfjorden.

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