Introduction to Aurasurgery 2017

Medicine of the 21st century
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Aurasurgery describes an efficient and reliable approach in Mental Healing.
Aurasurgery represents a subtle surgery, in which operations are carried out exclusively in the energy body (aura) of the patient and thus extracorporeally. Any direct contact between the patient and the physician is only provided in exceptional cases. We also speak of "virtual operations in the aura".
Healing as a central task and the goal of any medical action takes place by means of the energetic and informative exchange between physician and patient, using conventional surgical instruments. The corresponding principles are derived from the interdisciplinary findings of Quantum Physics, the Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), the informatics and the Asian Martial Arts.
The method of aurasurgery opens up new possibilities which are inconceivable with conventional medical procedures. Energy and information represent the essential ingredients of life and of any medical activity. By applying conscious¬ness techniques and operative methods described in the following, the physician specifically reprograms the consciousness of the patient on the cellular basis via the aura.
Aurasurgery is characterized by a methodological concreteness, which can be applied effectively in daily medical practice. It provides the basis for a new and time or rather cost-saving medicine in the 21st century, which is characterized by humanity, effectiveness, simplicity, precision and the absence of side effects.
Aurasurgery is a supplement to established medicine systems, such as school medicine or the complementary medicine. It does explicitly not claim for any exclusivity and should always be compared to other methodologies in accordance with its indication and, under certain circumstances, be additionally applied.
This textbook is intended to encourage people to think about alternative healing options. Ideas may already exist in our fantasies, but a functional method is still missing. This book describes the theoretical part of the "Textbook of Aurasurgery", in which one can find a detailed description of energetic and informative techniques.

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