Vittoria Colonna

A woman's Renaissance
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What has mesmerised me most about Vittoria Coilonna, the female Genius of the Italian Renaissance, is the miracle of her Shakespearen liveliness. While her vivacity is sparkling in all the spheres of social life, her sonnets reveal the roots of her poetry in deep human authenticity. That's why this woman easily bridges half a millennium, creating such personal familiarity that discoursing with her has been more gratifying to me than chatting with my kith and kin, conditioned and alienated humans in our Brave New World like myself.
During my research into the life and personality of this female genius of the Cinquecento, I came to recognize that male progress in the following centuries meant female regression. However, I made the reassuring experience that owing to the complexity of this exceptional woman my degenerate female consciousness began to regenerate.
Her universal mind comprising Heaven and Earth intimidates us in the narrowness of our horizon. However, we feel estranged from her, when she succumbs to the megalomania of her age, paying homage to the narcissist cult of undeserving personalities. Although she would not admit to being keen on fame, she was never neglectful about cutting a splendid figure. As a poetess she was yearning for male recognition.
On the other hand, she was a pragmatic feudal landowner, too, controlling her subjects on her feuds with hands-on mentality.
However, at heart she was no realist. On the contrary! As a poetess she used her exuberant imagination for mental flights into spiritual spheres. Read more about Vittoria:

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