Strategic Management in German Mittelstand Companies

A Study in the Heart of Europe in Baden-Württemberg's Heilbronn Franken Region the Home of many Global Market Leaders
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The German Mittelstand represents 99% of all German enterprises. The backbone of the German economy, the Mittelstand remains successful in a world market environment driven by globalization and dynamic change. The competitive environment is getting tougher and more intense than ever before. In this context, strategic management is of increasing importance and significance. Effective strategic management processes will become more important for the continued success of the Mittelstand because it is increasingly difficult to generate strategic success potentials. Strategic Management has to bundle all the strengths of a company in such a way that profitable growth is achieved and that the long-term survival of the company remains secured. In the center of this research is the practical relevance of strategic management theories and the question if there is a link between company success, the creation of competitive advantages and the use of strategic management instruments in Mittelstand Companies.
The Heilbronn Franken Region is geographically located in the heart of Europe in Southern Germany north of Stuttgart between the rivers Neckar and Main. Numerous World Market leading companies are located in this region.

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