One Million Refugees in Greece, The Gateway to Europe

A 2015 eyewitness & field account supported by facts and figures. A basic guide on best practices & cross cultural norms.
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“One Million Refugees in Greece. The Gateway to Europe” is an eyewitness and field account of the “European Refugee crisis” supported by facts and figures. The book is especially suitable for students who are interested in learning more about Greece and her 2015 role as an entry point to the European Union. The presentation also provides aspiring humanitarians with best practices for working in the field and a basic guide on how to deal with cross cultural challenges in the Greek emergency response.
Relevant for: Cambridge IGCSEs, International Baccalaureate, university or community college introductory level. Interdisciplinary: “Modern European History,” “Modern World Affairs,” “European Union Law,” “Sociology,” “Global Perspectives,” “Global Perspectives and Research,” “Comparative Governments and Politics,” “Thinking Skills” and civic engagement.

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