The Instant Speaker

Empower Any Audience, Anytime, Anywhere
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"The Instant Speaker" will empower you to be able to empower your audience. It is like a speakers handbook, designed to provide you the most important information that enables you to spread your message, to control a room and to make the best impact possible on your audience.
It is not providing content but structure. It is providing precious information that can be mission critical for speakers, who are on stage. Information that will save you thousands of Euro's or Dollars when you consider them.
This book is the missing link for most speakers, helping you to avoid loss and frustration where you should be able to impact your audience, earn what you are worth and fulfill you with joy when standing in front of any audience.
When you have in mind and apply what the author is providing to you, you are prepared to potentially succeed and to spread your message.

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ISBN 9783746091044
Sprache Englisch
Erscheinungsdatum 27.03.2018
Umfang 188 Seiten
Genre Ratgeber/Recht, Beruf, Finanzen/Ausbildung, Beruf, Karriere
Format Taschenbuch
Verlag BoD – Books on Demand
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