Video Banking
New Age Banking: A customer perception analysis

von Lars Jäger, Michael Müller

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Erscheinungsdatum: 12.03.2018

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The banking industry is currently, more than ever, on the move. Low interest rates, EU-driven regulatory requirements and particularly the proceedings in digitalization have led the banking industry into a new age of banking. The digitalization of business processes and banking services have forced the banks to rethink their business model. As a consequence, the multi-channel approach needs to be extended by an interactive communication service called Video Banking. Video Banking enables customers to conduct their banking activities independent from their location by using a smartphone or notebook.

Since Video Banking is a relatively new service in the banking industry, the customers are not acquainted with it that far. To launch Video Banking successfully, the customers need to be convinced by the new service. Michael Müller: Michael Müller (M.A.) is research associate at Worms University of Applied Sciences. In the course of his final paper he did comprehensive research in the field of Video Banking. He graduated as best student of the year in International Business Administration and Foreign Trade (Master of Arts) at Worms University of Applied Sciences. Lars Jäger: Prof. Dr. Lars Jäger is Professor of International Financing & Advanced Corporate Finance at Worms University of Applied Sciences. He is one of the first scientists who are intensively doing research in the field of the Video Banking in Germany.

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