A Guide to Drawing - With Instructions in Art Fundamentals and the Simultaneous Method

Learn to Draw like an Artist
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The Simultaneous Method of drawing is founded on the physiology of eye. It encourages the eye`s natural path of observation to be translated into drawing as directly as possible. By not committing to any outer contours within the drawing until the very final stages, the Simultanous Method fosters an extended process of observation and more gradual, organic development of structure and expression. Specially developed exercises help the learner to turn the conventional, objektive mode of observation into a more creative and integrative view of the drawing subject. The Simultaneous Method also emphatically avoids any kind of direct copying or imitation, which creativity and inventiveness. As well as providing clear, easy-to-understand descriptions and instructions as well as plenty of examples and exercises to master the Simultaneous Method, the author discusses in great detail the elementary principles of spatial composition, the structural vocabulary of tension and dynamics, and the underlying roles played by elementary shapes such as the sphere, cone, cylinder and cuboid. Artistic skills such as expression and composition are aptly illustrated by numerous sketches and drawings, as are more technical skills such as visual targeting and the determining of proportions. Topics such as the human figure (nude), animals and plants, portraiture, inanimate objects and surface texturing are treated in great detail, enhancing this instructional guide with a lot of practical examples. By also explaining how drawing subjects can be placed in a wider artistic context, Ursula Vanoli-Gaul’s instructions provide learners with excellent fundamentals of creating art, developing an individual perspective like an artist.

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