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A dream comes true
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After we already got a short impression of Australia in 2015, the decision was made quickly. New Year's Eve 2018 we will spend in Sydney. We wanted to enjoy the fireworks at the 'Harbour Bridge' and at the same time the beautifully illuminated 'Sydney Opera'. So we started to plan the trip.
The idea was born, but something was missing. There were already enough illustrated books. Just publishing a few pictures in a book seemed too easy. Maybe we should add some 'travel guide information'? But there are travel guides that can do that better and have more up-to-date information. So what was it then that made this book unique? The answer was so obvious. 360° videos! After all, video films were my great passion and often enough we shared our previous experiences in sightseeing videos on YouTube with a steadily growing fan base. But a video doesn't fit together with a book, does it? In this book, you will find so-called 'QR codes' for 25 of our activities.

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ISBN 9783750253452
Erscheinungsdatum 16.11.2019
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Genre Reisen/Reiseführer
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