Basics of the Polyvagal Theory
The science of compassion

von Inke Jochims

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Format: Taschenbuch
Genre: Psychologie
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Erscheinungsdatum: 23.02.2021

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The Polyvagal Theory is one of the most important contemporary theories when it comes to therapy and coaching as well as for personal self-development. It helps to understand yourself and your psyche in a much better way than ever before. It also explains how and why we relate to the world around us the same way we do. Every person applying this theory in life will get a far-reaching tool for regulating themselves and handling others. Never has there been another possibility of that kind. The origin from Stephen W. Porges is in parts hard to understand because it is solely scientific. After long research, the author has managed to craft a book that keeps the original valuable content and knowledge but makes it much easier to read and understand. Pictures and graphic works support essential points. This work is a profound primer for the Polyvagal Theory that includes all essential principles and understandably explains them.

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