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Why another bird book for Europe?
The answer is quite simple: "Because I wanted to have it". The trigger for it was a trip to Helgoland. There, I took a picture of a bird that I could not find in my identification book. It was only when I got home that I was able to identify the Arctic Redpoll.
This book now brings together all the birds of Europe, including rare guests. To make the book compact, I have also omitted the usual descriptions. Many birds can be easily identified from a photo, while others require a closer look. For example, there are numerous age-related colour variations in gulls and lemicolas. It is impossible to depict or describe all of them. A detailed classification can be made later at home through appropriate reference books, the internet or in the ornithological community.
Why have I listed the 1,565 subspecies? The common spotted woodpecker in Germany, for example, is not the nominate form, which applies to many other bird species. So if you want to be precise, you will see a European spotted woodpecker in Germany; unless it is in northern Europe.
Many of the species are very rare guests, but are sighted time and again. Some species breed in very small, limited populations. Therefore, it is then a matter of being in the right place at the right time. There is no guarantee for seeing the rare guests. But if you do, you want to identify the species.
With certainty and luck, even more species can be spotted in Europe. With these 596 species, this book is a good basis for your next birding tour in Europe.
I wish you good luck and, above all, fun in observing our great birdlife.
Your fotolulu

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