My trusting hamster

The species-appropriate 1x1 guidebook for keeping and care.
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Everything around the hamster
★ A compact hamster counselor, who provides an overview of the individual races, their differences and characteristics points out and summarizes, how one holds and maintains, feeds and employs the hamster as a loner correctly. ★
You wonder which hamster suits me? How big should the cage be? Which basic equipment is necessary?
The right equipment to make the hamster feel comfortable is summarized in the most important points.
Since hamsters are not allowed to eat many plants and food, as these are poisonous or even life-threatening for the animals, a summarized, compact list is also given.
So that you can get to know your animal better, the most essential interpretations of the hamster's body language are also explained.
The most important diseases of the hamster are also described.
However, this list is not intended to replace a visit to the vet, but to create a possibility to recognize changes and abnormalities more quickly, and thus to be able to react immediately.

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ISBN 9783754937976
Sprache Englisch
Erscheinungsdatum 06.01.2022
Umfang 64 Seiten
Genre Ratgeber/Natur
Format Taschenbuch
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