Successful rabbit training in a few weeks

How does the rabbit clicker training work? A rabbit guide book.
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A step-by-step guide to training rabbits. Very important. No individual animal husbandry. The individual weeks should be taken as a guideline. If it takes longer or shorter, that is fine.
Table of contents:
Can any rabbit be tamed?
Advantages of a tame rabbit?
Disadvantages of a tame rabbit?
How tame can a rabbit become? Which levels?
Does the sex play a role?
Do only young rabbits become tame or also old rabbits?
What to look for in young rabbits and old rabbits?
The knocking, grunting and trembling?
Dealing with aggressive rabbits. Biting?
Start of taming and training
Preparation of the cage
Purchase of a pair of rabbits. (transport)
The first hours at home
Week 1 to 2: Gaining confidence
3rd to 4th week: getting used to the hand in the cage
5th to 6th week: Touching and lifting
From 7 weeks: release and return to the cage, dangers in the home?
How does clicker training with rabbits work? Any tips?
Great clicker exercises with rabbits? (5 tricks)
Closing words

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