Compact 1x1 Aquarium Guide for Beginners

What do you need to know for a purchase, equipment and maintenance? Which aquarium fish?
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Everything you need to know about an aquarium.
All too often new aquarium owners have bad first experiences with their first aquarium and almost give up before they start. Considering these basic factors and planning will help potential new aquarium owners avoid common pitfalls. Planning is also a good idea for the experienced aquarium owner.
Two of the most important and fundamental aspects to consider when setting up a new aquarium are cost and size. In both cases, people usually underestimate what is needed and can make compromises that cause problems later.
In this guide book you will learn everything you need to know about getting started in the world of fish and aquariums. The great advantage of such a guide book is that you can read everything you need to know in one go and don't have to struggle through different portals and forums. By reading through the guide book you save a lot of time and can quickly and with a lot of expertise start your project to set up an aquarium. If you do not have the possibility to visit a specialist shop directly and find the important information there.

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