Keeping Greek Tortoise Properly

Pet guide about species-appropriate feeding, keeping, care and hibernation for Sulcata Tortoise.
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Keeping Greek tortoise properly.
★ Pet guide about species-appropriate feeding, keeping, care and overwintering ★
The following questions will be answered to you among others.
How to keep tortoises?
How to overwinter tortoises?    
What do tortoises eat?
What do tortoises need in the terrarium?
What do tortoises eat in winter?          
What do tortoises drink?
What do tortoises like?
Where do I have to register tortoises?
Why do tortoises hibernate?
How do tortoises hibernate?
If you want to keep tortoises, then this attitude should take place as close to nature and species-appropriate as possible. This means not only that the tortoise needs enough space and regular exercise, but also that you get the possibility of a necessary hibernation. Also in terms of care and nutrition, the tortoises have their own individual needs and must not, for example, as many tortoise owners often do wrong, eat everything there is fresh fruit and vegetables.
So that your tortoise later lacks nothing and can lead a healthy long life, I have taken the trouble to write this very detailed and really detailed guide. In this guide you will not only learn everything about the attitude, the way of life and the diet, I also go here specifically to things like how you best transport your turtle, where you register your turtle or what diseases can occur in a not species-appropriate attitude.
But that's not all, here you really learn everything you should know about your new pet, respectively want to know.

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