Delicious spelt recipes: Bread and Bread Rolls / Main Meals / Dumplings and Spätzle (Swabian Noodles) / Cakes and Pies / Cookies and Biscuits
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Spelt-Dreams is a combined cookery and baking book, whose hand-picked and delicious recipes are divided into the following subgroups:
- Breads and Bread Rolls
- Dumplings, Spaetzle (Swabian Noodles)
- Main Meals - hearty and sweet
- from remaining dumplings or spaetzle
- with spelt flour
- with spelt breadcrumbs
- with spelt semolina
- Cakes and Pies
- Cookies and Biscuits
Since self-made things take up time, it often makes sense to make a larger amount of bread or rolls or spaetzle at the same time. As an alternative to freezing, the remaining quantities can be planned sensibly and tasty from the outset. For example, you can use leftover, home-baked spelt rolls to make delicious bread dumplings. Leftover bread dumplings can be transformed into particularly tasty main dishes, such as roasted dumplings or sour dumplings. The same applies to homemade spelt spaetzle, which not only make a great roast side dish, but also cut a particularly good figure as cheese spaetzle with a side salad. For all those who like southern German or Austrian specialties. With many delicious recipes from the Alpine region.
Of course, there are also delicious examples of sweet main meals, such as spelt semolina porridge and many other sweet delicacies such as cookies, biscuits, cakes and tarts.
Everything prepared with spelt flour or spelt semolina - just spelt dreams!
All ingredients are converted into cups or teaspoons etc.
The baking temperature is shown in 3 different ways: in °F top/bottom heat as well as in °C top/bottom heat or in °C convection.

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