Jacob Böhme: Sämtliche Schriften / 1955-1989. 11 Bände

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J. W. Ueberfeld, the unnamed editor of this edition, and his co-workers came close to reaching the current goals of a scholarly edition even at that time. They strove to provide the texts in accordance with the original manuscripts, and their edition contains the "changes made in the present and in previous editions» in an index which corresponds to an historical-critical apparatus. The reprint of the 1730 edition and the ‹Urschriften‹ (Original Writings) are both valuable in their own way and complement each other. In addition, the reprint contains the more attractive plates from the 1682 edition and Peuckert‹s ‹Das Leben Jacob Böhmes‹ (The Life of Jacob Böhme) in a second, enlarged edition.


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ISBN 9783772800610
Ausgabe 2., unveränderte Ausgabe. Faksimile-Neudruck der Ausgabe von 1730
Erscheinungsdatum 01.01.1989
Umfang 5151 Seiten
Genre Philosophie/Renaissance, Aufklärung
Format Hardcover
Verlag frommann-holzboog
Herausgegeben von Will-Erich Peuckert