Forschungen und Materialien zur deutschen Aufklärung / Abteilung III: Indices. Kant-Index. Section 1: Indices zum Kantschen Logikcorpus. Band 1: Stellenindex und Konkordanz zu George Friedrich Meier ›Auszug aus der Vernunftlehre‹

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The first volume of the Kant Index of the University of Trier is devoted to the ›Auszug aus der Vernunftlehre‹ (Excerpt from the Doctrine of Reason) by the Wolffian G. F. Meier. Kant used it as a compendium for more than 40 years and as a basis for his own lectures on logic. In his notes, he refers to it constantly. This is why the Academy edition reprinted the ›Auszug‹ along with the literary remains of the logic in Volume XVI. In contrast to Baumgarten's ›Metaphysica‹ however there is not even a normal index in this edition which could facilitate work for the reader, a lack which is particularly noticeable. In his ›Auszug‹, Meier made a point of summarizing the Latin school terminology of logic in the 18th century once again. Numerous terms from the ›Kritik der reinen Vernunft‹ (Critique of Pure Reason), such as amphiboly, antithesis, analytic, dialectics, doctrine, dogmatic etc have their source material here. Meier‹s handbook is one of the most important sources for Kants own terminology. For anyone studying Kant, and also for the study of Wolffianism and the German Enlightenment as a whole, this index volume is an indispensable tool.

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