Forschungen und Materialien zur deutschen Aufklärung / Abteilung III: Indices. Kant-Index. Section 2: Indices zum Kantschen Ethikcorpus. Band 30.3: Stellenindex und Konkordanz zum ›Naturrecht Feyerabend‹

Teilband 3: Abhandlung des ›Naturrechts Feyerabend‹: Konkordanz und Sonderindices
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Volumes 2 and 3 of the set of indexes on the ›Naturrecht Feyerabend‹ (Natural Law Feyerabend) begin with a radically revised version of the main part (the so-called ›Abhandlung‹ or Treatise) of Kant's lecture on natural law in 1784 and thus with corrections of an immense number of errors which distorted the meaning of the text published in the Academy edition. In doing so, they have created the prerequisites for a new, in-depth analysis of this important lecture. The indexes show how strongly Kant was committed to Achenwall's Latin compendium in his lecture on natural law. Approximately one quarter of the lemmata are in Latin. Thus they also provide something similar to a reference work for Kant's published ›Doctrine of Right‹. The two new index volumes (30,2 und 30,3) are also important for the developmental history of Kant's philosophy of right. Key positions which in research have often been attributed to the work ›Über den Gemeinspruch‹ (On the Old Saw) are to found clearly worded in the ›Naturrecht Feyerabend‹. The concordance provides unique help in establishing these common features.

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