Friedrich Heinrich Jacobi: Briefwechsel - Nachlaß - Dokumente / Briefwechsel. Reihe II: Kommentar. Band 9: Briefwechsel Januar 1791 bis Mai 1792

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The thematic focus of this commentary volume is determined by the letters published in volume I,9: The emphasis is on Jacobis critical analysis of the French Revolution, on the preparation of a new volume of his »Miscellaneous Writings«, with the unexpected result of the publication of a new version of his »Allwill«, on his work »Letters on Kant's Philosophy«, written for Matthias Claudius, and especially on his son's letters from his journey to Italy and Sicily, together with F. L. zu Stolberg. The commentary provides detailed information on the genesis of Jacobi's writings and on his sons's itinerary.

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