Flore du Gabon Vol. 60

Ancistrocladaceae, Dilleniaceae, Menispermaceae, Ranunculaceae
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The Flore du Gabon series provides access to the information on the great botanical wealth of this central African country, reputedly harbouring the richest lowland rain forest in Africa. With 11% of all plant species being endemic to the country and some 80% of its surface being covered with a highly diverse lowland rain forest, Gabon is a botanical paradise and hotspot. Over 10% of its surface is under protection, which renders this politically stabile country a Mecca for conservationists, ecotourism and scientists. For an effective conservation management, but also a wise and sustainable use of this unique diversity, it is essential to be able to simply identify the plants that play such an important role, be it as food for gorillas, birds, etc., as medicine, nutrition or timber, or just as one of these essential elements of the ecological network. The Flore du Gabon provides this essential tool for reliable identification, its editorial team stressing the need for simple and straightforward identification keys, diagnostic descriptions and clarifying illustrations. As such, it hopes to assist researchers, foresters, conservationists and amateur botanists alike and to contribute to the survival of Gabon’s unique biodiversity.

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ReiheFlore du Gabon
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