Music Teacher Identities

Places, People, and Practices of the Professional Self
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Based on findings of an in-depth social phenomenological study, this book describes the experiences of music teachers, whose careers are rich, complex, and multi-faceted. Stories of their professional enactments contribute rich considerations in music teacher identity discourse and to the construction of their professional selves. Analysis revealed an overall sense of professional self and various degrees of three role-taking selves: performing, teaching, and musical. Findings suggest that an active, purposeful construction of consociate relationships can support a balanced, reconciled conception of self, which promotes flexibility within and among structures of the lifeworld and profession. Individuals’ social worlds are highlighted in terms of ways they shape social and professional worlds. With a wide view of who music teachers are and what they do, this book reveals insights to the supports needed to enact a long, satisfying career. 

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ReiheGrazer Schriften zur Instrumental- und Gesangspädagogik
ISBN 9783830946113
Sprache Englisch
Erscheinungsdatum 01.12.2022
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Genre Musik/Musiktheorie, Musiklehre
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