Nationalist Discourses in Hungary and Turkey Under Right-Wing Domination

The Cases of Fidesz and the AK Party
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In recent years, literature on nationalism has grown significantly, oftentimes focusing on nationalist discourses. However, one rarely comes across works that comparatively and comprehensively examine nationalist discourses of ruling centrist parties. This study offers a comparative perspective on two center-right political parties, Fidesz and the AK Party, that dominate the political arena by the electoral victories they won in their respective countries, which are quite different from each other in many respects.
How do the ruling parties construct their nationalist discourses, and why do they need these? How are national narratives rebuilt by the ruling parties and functionalized while shaping current politics? What are the distinctive or similar features of the nationalist discourse in the specific conditions of different countries? This book seeks answers to these and similar questions through two cases under study.

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