The Four Seasons

Vivaldi for children
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Marko Simsa's popular production of "The Four Seasons" is now available in English for native speakers and those who would like to learn English in a nice musical way. The British actor Howard Nightingall takes us through Vivaldi's well-known masterpiece in a charming and easy-to-follow way, explaining the musical images such as the song of the birds in spring, the heat in summer, thunderstorms and dancing in autumn, and the sharp cold of winter. A booklet with information in two languages and a vocabulary list is available. Table of contents: Spring: The song of the birds - The dance of the nymphs with the shepherds - Summer: The burning heat - The sleeping shepherds - Stormy weather - Autumn: The peasants dance to celebrate the happy harvest - Winter: Trembling with cold amidst the freezing wind - Stamping feet - Teeth chattering - Spending quiet contented days by the fire - A year has passed

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ISBN 9783833725623
Erscheinungsdatum 28.01.2010
Umfang 45 Minuten
Genre Kinder- und Jugendbücher/Lieder, Songs
Format Audio-CD
Verlag Jumbo
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