Colonial Paradigms of Violence

Comparative Analysis of the Holocaust, Genocide, and Mass Killing
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European Holocaust Studies (EHS) publishes key international research results on the murder of the European Jews and its wider contexts.
In recent years, scholars have rediscovered Hannah Arendt`s »boomerang thesis« – the »coming home« of European colonialism as genocide on European soil – as well as Raphael Lemkin`s work around his definition of genocide and the importance of its colonial dimensions. Germany and other European states are increasingly engaging in debates on comparing the Holocaust to other genocides and cases of mass killing, memorialization, »decolonization« and attempts to come to terms with the past (»Vergangenheitsbewältigung«).
Dorota Glowacka: »The Vanished World«: Cultural Genocide of Eastern European Jews through the Lens of Settler Colonial Studies
Carroll P. Kakel: »One should take America as a model«: How Hitler Used American Westering as Legitimation
for the Nazi Lebensraum Empire
Jack Pamer: Genocide, Occupation, Extinction: A Conceptual Constellation in the Thought of Raphael Lemkin

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ReiheEuropean Holocaust Studies (hg. i.A. des Instituts für Zeitgeschichte von Frank Bajohr, Andrea Löw und Andreas Wirsching)
ISBN 9783835352032
Sprache Englisch
Erscheinungsdatum 25.05.2022
Umfang 304 Seiten
Genre Geschichte/20. Jahrhundert (bis 1945)
Format Taschenbuch
Verlag Wallstein
Herausgegeben von Michelle Gordon, Rachel O´Sullivan
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