The New Authoritarianism
Vol 1: A Risk Analysis of the Alt-Right Phenomenon

von Alan Waring, Tim McCarty, Roger Paxton, Kevern Verney, Ruth Wodak, Alan Waring

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Verlag: ibidem
Format: Taschenbuch
Genre: Politikwissenschaft/Politisches System
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Erscheinungsdatum: 21.11.2018

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This volume considers from a risk perspective the current phenomenon of the new Alt-Right authoritarianism and whether it represents ‘real’ democracy or an unacceptable hegemony potentially resulting in elected dictatorships and abuses as well as dysfunctional government. Contributing authors represent an eclectic range of disciplines, including cognitive, organizational and political psychology, sociology, history, political science, international relations, linguistics and discourse analysis, and risk analysis. The Alt-Right threats and risk exposures, whether to democracy, human rights, law and order, social welfare, racial harmony, the economy, national security, the environment, and international relations, are identified and analyzed across a number of selected countries, including the US, UK, Austria, France, Germany, Netherlands, Norway, and Russia. Potential strategies to limit the Alt-Right threat are proposed. Dr Alan Waring, main contributor and editor. Originally qualifying and practicing as an industrial chemist, in mid-career he switched to management and social sciences. PhD 1993 at Westminster University jointly with Aston Business School, for an ethnographic study of three cases of organizations undergoing substantive change. International risk management consultant on range of corporate, strategic and operational risk issues to government departments, institutions and large corporations 1986–2016. Reports contributed to several public inquries on major disasters. More than 80 assignments in 14 countries. Sometime visiting academic roles in Beijing (International Risk Consultant, Tsinghua University 2005–2007), Hong Kong (Adjunct Professor, Centre for Corporate Governance and Financial Policy, HK Baptist University 2006–2008), and Cyprus (Visiting Professor, Centre for Risk, Safety and the Environment, European University Cyprus 2012–2016). Special risk study 1993–1998 (in Iran and UK) relating to Iran’s planned transition to ‘an economy without oil’. Books include Managing Risk (Waring and Glendon, 1998), Corporate Risk and Governance (2013) and Practical Systems Thinking (1996). Over 100 conference and seminar papers in UK, USA, Australia, China, Hong Kong, Singapore, Iran and Cyprus. Several hundred articles in the academic, business and popular press. Contributor of The Risk Watch column in Financial Mirror since 2004.

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