Supply Chain Management

Fast, flexible Supply Chains in Manufacturing and Retailing
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The purpose of this book is to help you with the development and implementation of a successful End-to-End Supply Chain Management – Strategy: optimising your processes from manufacturer to retailer. This book answers four questions:- How to develop an end-to-end supply chain – strategy?- How to create the necessary supply chain infrastructure?- How to make collaboration work between the partners in the network?- How to plan and manage the supply chain flows?It will enable you to:- Systematically improve your sales productivity in the retail stores; - Enhance the operational / qualitative performance of your processes and those of your partners in the supply chain;- More effectively balance the trade off Time v Costs. This book provides you with: - A Supply Chain System – Model: a framework to develop your End-to-End Supply Chain;- 8 Strategic Building Blocks which can be used as a toolkit;- 50 Lessons Learned based on experiences from practice;- A strategic roadmap: to plan, organise, lead and control your supply chain.For whom has this book been written?This book is useful for thinkers and practitioners! For everyone who wants to learn more about supply chain management and the development and implementation of an end-to-end supply chain strategy.

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