Future of Leadership.

Space for Reflection to Shape Transformation Processes.
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From the development of leaders to the redesign of leadership in organizations: Leadership and leadership concepts are always a reflection of the times and the challenges that organizations face. Leadership is changing. Future leaders need space for reflection to shape transformation processes. The new normal is accelerated change. The fact that we live in a complex world characterized by disruptive developments is exemplified by the corona crisis. We have arrived in an era characterized by exponentially increasing change as well as incalculable turbulence. In this situation, we as individuals, institutions, and as a society are confronted with upheavals, problems, and challenges that were already latent, but which are now becoming apparent. The future of leadership consists of two approaches of professional leadership development: appreciative leadership and appreciative organization development. In the discussion of both interrelated topics, you will master your leadership skills by being people positive, complexity conscious, and experimental orientated. Appreciative leadership and organization development aim at perceiving and strengthening potential in your professional context.

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