Visual Surface Inspection Planning for Industrial Applications.

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Visual product quality assurance is a crucial part of every production process. It is time we start talking about what does that mean in the context of Industry 4.0. As production lines move forward towards more control, automation and customization; quality inspection systems capable of following the advancements become an apparent issue. How can a highly customizable product be efficiently and consistently inspected? Only way to offer a solution to the above question in a manner which can follow the automation requirements is to put efforts into inspection planning virtualization and development of tools which can make the process easier. We introduce visual inspection planning standards, planning pipeline and tool enabling its use by an inspection expert. It enables both automatic as well as manual interactive inspection planning, allowing the user to digitally produce a complete acquisition setup, together with evaluation of the covered surface and photorealistic image simulation based on the defined setup. Our work allows inspection planning to make a transition from research into industry by making it widely available and easy to comprehend.

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